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23 Pics Roy Scheider

Roy Scheider

Roy Scheider

23 Pics Roy Scheider eyes catching and related with robert shaw, roy scheider dies of cancer at 75. Added on April 20, 2019

photos Forty years ago next month, the summer movie blockbuster was born And its name, at birth, was "Jaws," released June 20, 1975, in an atthetime jawdropping number of theaters, expanding from 409 to 675 screens

clothes In a twist of reality worthy of a Bob Fosse film in itself, All That Jazz was not released after Fosses 1987 as brought to the screen by a postJaws Roy Scheider Perhaps a lesser artist than Fosse would have

photos This week, a Bluray has been released of director William Friedkins Sorcerer, an Englishlanguage adaptation of Clouzots The Wages of Fear A difficult production once thought to be a big fat failure, Friedkins version is

cool Charlton Heston wanted the part, but Steven Spielberg wanted to cast actors who werent too prominent The role eventually went to Roy Scheider, a former boxer and star of The French Connection Now Scheider went on

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Gallery of 23 Pics Roy Scheider

Roy Scheider

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