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28 Eyes Sam Huntington

Sam Huntington

Sam Huntington

28 Eyes Sam Huntington eyes catching and related with rachel klein, sam huntington and rachel klein. Added on April 18, 2019

clothes Wondercon hosted the passing of the torch from one Superman to another Henry Cavill appeared before fans to promote his preMan of Steel movie Immortals, and Brandon Routh brought his latest comic book movie Dylan

pics Sam Witwer goes shirtless in one of the recent episodes of his Thats a lot of stories between a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost, Sam said Also pictured Sam Huntington going shirtless on the show as well

shoes Sam Huntington costars in Syfys hit show Being Human, which returned this month for season 3 Huntington plays Josh, a werewolf who lives with a vampire and a ghost in an effort to blend in with regular humanity

modest With the first two episodes of Being Human Season 3 having now aired, we thought the timing was right to

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Gallery of 28 Eyes Sam Huntington

Sam Huntington

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